Middle school is the worst place in the entire world

But Max Corrigan can help!

The Max Corrigan Difference


Goons who are eight times bigger than you? Teachers who love to make you suffer? So many restrictions that even prisoners have more freedom? That’s just an AVERAGE day in middle school! However, with Max’s help, you can make it easier to beat than the first level of Candy Crush!

Max Corrigan has over 365 days of middle school experience and will do whatever it takes to ensure your survival. And he means WHATEVER. No job is too big or too dangerous. Put Max to work for YOU to see what hundreds of other kids have already experienced!


Students served


Teachers fooled


Parents pacified

What can Max do for you?


More like, “What can’t Max do for you?”
Max is licensed to help with:

Terrifying bullies!

Learn how to destroy your enemies using only the power of your mind!

Acing tests WITHOUT studying!

Max’s one simple trick will show you how to get an A without even cracking a book!

Forging hall passes!

Be able to fake any signature any time with Max’s step-by-step instructions!

Friends! Or lack thereof!

Who’s the most popular kid in school? YOU, once Max gets to work!

Psycho teachers!

Every school’s got ’em! Learn how to get them off your back for good!

Con jobs—large and small!

Turn the school into your personal ATM! Cash money, baby!

Faking sick!

Max has a fake vomit recipe so convincing, people will wear Hazmat suits around you!

Ditching class!

Never sit through a boring lecture again!

Internet woes!

Bypass parental controls and learn to hack weak passwords! Surf’s up!

And more!

Please note: Max will not help with ghosts. They are scary and he won’t go anywhere near them.

Results that Matter


Don’t be fooled by cheap imitators*—anybody can claim to help middle schoolers—Max is the ONLY ONE who delivers GUARANTEED RESULTS. Max will work one-on-one with YOU to ensure you make it through middle school without even breaking a sweat! In fact, by the time he’s done, you won’t just beat school, YOU’LL RULE IT!


*He means YOU, Kevin Carl!

What others are saying



Conquer Middle School in 5 Easy Days!

(Inquire for details.)

Finally, Max has taken his best advice and put it into book form for YOU!

(With the help of author, Neil Swaab. But, whatever.)


The Secrets to Ruling School (Without Even Trying)

Join Max as he takes you through your first week of middle school. Along the way, you’ll neutralize bullies, one-up the principal, and win over not just one, but all the cliques. It’s the ultimate middle school guide!

On sale now!

The Secrets to Ruling School: Class Election

Middle school expert Max Corrigan is back and he wants YOU to run for class president. With Max’s help, you’ll conquer all the steps of running for office and learn more essential school survival tricks!

On sale now!

Latest Author News

(from that guy who helped Max write his book)


  • This Saturday, I’ll be exhibiting at the Tenth Annual Brooklyn Children’s Book Fair. Come on down and get a book signed!...

  • My book, The Secrets to Ruling School (Without Even Trying), is the feature of this year’s Reading Pays – Pass it On! Kids in grades 3–6 can pick up a free copy at any St. Louis Public Library while supplies last. And, they can even meet me on......

  • I’ll be exhibiting at the Princeton Children’s Book Festival this Saturday, September 24th. There will be a ton of other amazing authors and illustrators there. Come by and bring the kids! Princeton Children’s Book Festival Saturday, September 24th, 2016 11AM–4PM Hinds Plaza Princeton, NJ More......

Contact the Author

(Max’s representative)


Have a question about the book? Interested in arranging for its author, Neil Swaab (since Max is far too busy), to do a signing, lecture, or other kind of event at your school or bookstore? Or just want to say hi? Get in touch using the form below!

Neil Swaab is a Brooklyn and Queens-based illustrator whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Utne Reader, the Village Voice, and most recently, James Patterson’s Middle School: My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar. Swaab has also worked on Adult Swim’s Superjail!, Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans, and Cartoon Network’s Annoying Orange. Learn more about Swaab at neilswaab.com.

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