It’s the first week of middle school, i.e., the Worst Place in the Entire World.

How do you survive in a place where there are tough kids twice your size, sadistic teachers, and restrictions that make jail look like a five-star resort? Easy: with the help of Max Corrigan, middle school “expert” and life coach. Let Max teach you how to win over not just one, but all of the groups in school, from the Preps to the Band Geeks. Along the way, Max offers surefire advice and revealing tips on how to get through universal middle school experiences like gym class, detention, faking sick, dealing with jocks and bullies, and fooling the principal (without getting caught).

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Middle school just got easier.

In an innovative format that is part narrative and part how-to, acclaimed illustrator Neil Swaab has created a hilarious new reading experience that is reminiscent of video games and sure to delight Wimpy Kid fans. Browse through these samples to see some of what’s in store!

(Note: art and text not final.)

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